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Are you fighting constant shoulder pain that’s getting in your way of a better quality of life? Feeling the same? Good news, you are in the right spot! Our specialized shoulder condition center in Edison, New Jersey is designed to relieve you of pain and help you someday to first your best condition.

Patients have always been the top priority at our clinic, and we provide uniquely formulated treatment plans that help eliminate the symptoms and ensure permanent health. Our knowledgeable and skilled staff members are to be your partners in their shoulder pain recovery and complete shoulder joint mobility.

Now you are the one who is in charge of your life, and we will be your partner in this journey. No more time is available for you. Start today the journey that will lead you to a pain-free, healthier future. For that, contact us today at (973)-798-1787. Set a time to work with our experienced counselors and we will together help you secure your sobriety. So now, the responsibility is on you to take a healthy subject through this proactive step towards better being of your precious shoulders.

Shoulder pain can feel rather like a dull but sharp stabbing that could be a factor of an undergoing injury or a health complication. Along this path, it is important to determine the key factor which helps to control it efficiently. Traumas including rotator cuff tears or fractures are the most common injury leading to acute pain. On the contrary, diseases like arthritis or bursitis may cause a patient to have difficulty doing daily activities and long-term pain.

As shoulder pain does not affect only the physical symptoms, it may also show up as a ripple effect on psychological health and everyday life functioning. Not only does it restrict the movement of our body and the quality of our life, but it sometimes even can create sleep difficulties, add stress, and even possibly lead to depression.

Experience relief from shoulder pain with expert treatment in Edison, NJ. Call (973) 798-1787 for personalized care and effective solutions.

When your shoulder pain seems no more than a mere drawback, it is a definite sign that the reason for it should be uncovered and looked into. Common culprits include:
• Rotator cuff injuries
• Frozen shoulder (Adhesive capsulitis) is the disabling of the shoulder joint structure due to extremely limited range of motion (LROM) and moderate to severe pain mostly seen in individuals from the age of 40 and above.
• Tendinitis
• Shoulder dislocation
• Bursitis

With shoulder problems, one must be aware that each cause requires its unique method of treatment, either surgical, medical, or coping.

Firstly, an assessment commences with a detailed inquiry into the subject matter such as the nature of the pain arising, specific sites of discomfort pain is being felt in, and the potential factors and triggers that cause a person’s symptoms to worsen. Following, a painstaking examination of shoulder strength in several motions and the extended assessment of the range of motion helps me gain comprehension of the cure of the issue. Then, the physician uses an ultrasound which helps to visualize the inner surfaces of the shoulder area, comprising of tendons, ligaments, and joints. This also helps in a detailed assessment of any anomalies or injuries that are present.

Thus, Dr. Calvert’s in-depth experience in the usage of Musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound techniques takes us one step closer to a precise and thorough evaluation. On a positive note, it is demonstrated that the employment of ultrasound as the first look not only improves diagnostic agility but many times enough to decrease the need for costly MRI proofs, presenting an economical way to diagnosis and treatment decision base.

Experience relief from shoulder pain with expert treatment in Edison, NJ. Call (973) 798-1787 for personalized care and effective solutions.

Usually, such an injection with cortisone is helpful for those who have had shoulder pain for a long time and have been treated by an ultrasound-guided injection. It is in the shoulder treatment method that impressive results are produced as the individual dealing with shoulder problems is taken through the rehabilitation process which helps reduce pain. I have the latest injections for shoulder bursitis, hydro dilatation for a frozen shoulder, and even calcium concerns for the shoulder.

With their years of experience, the experts are extremely proficient and careful to apply these injections directly to the shoulder joint. For the patients, the choices range from cortisone, hyaluronic acid, and possibly PRP injections and each one caters to different specific needs.

I highly recommend, however, that the most general way of treatment for either overuse or accident trauma-based shoulder pathologies is almost always an exercise program. Dr. Calvert frequently works with different specialists in the rehabilitation department for them to pool their resources in making sure that the athletes go back to their sporting work as soon as possible.

For surgeries, scenarios are identified that are not expected from shots, and rehabilitation, surgery is considered a good option. In the case of impingement or the ones that require intervention like rotator cuff pain or frozen shoulder, the lasting results of surgery and rehabilitation therapies are as good as they can be, underlining the significance of an inclusive strategy for treating shoulders.

Preventive efforts aim to prevent a problem or its worsening. It is therefore prudent that a little bit of prevention be worth a lot of cures. Preventative treatment can be useful in that it retards the onset of shoulder pain and reduces the likelihood of recurrence.

From us, much of our daily lives pass while we are bent over a desk, holding a phone in a way that doesn’t seem so welcoming to our hands. Practical working environments designed with an emphasis on ergonomics and attention to posture will have a tremendous influence on the health of your shoulder. Here are some immediate changes to consider:

• Based on the alignment of the spine, shoulders, and arms, adjust your workspace. This is especially important to allow the eyes to rest on the computer screen.
• Dig a bit deeper and research the use of armrest pads which helps in deflection of some weight and pressure from your shoulders.
• If your job involves mostly sitting, try to stand up and stretch often to improve your circulation and ward off back pain.

It will be argued that physical activity is significant for preserving the health of the shoulder. On the other hand, for equal good, it’s recommended a routine that makes you stronger and more flexible to avoid the pain to arises or worsens.

• Collaborate with a physiotherapist to design a personalized program that helps you in the situations you choose to develop.

• Stretching is an often-neglected part of exercising, but it is especially useful when we do repetitive or especially strenuous activities.

• Besides Pilates and yoga, you can do other great stuff if you do it right with the minimum quantity of traps.

It is necessary to emphasize the fact that managing shoulder pain should be of paramount importance to an individual’s overall wellness and remaining vigorous. Shoulder pain issues can be resolved successfully with widespread access to specialists and advanced treatment options, which can be made available to residents of Edison, NJ, as a state investment. 

The best way for the patients to book an appointment is via our phone number (973)-798-1787, where they can speak with our dear experienced staff members, who are unwavering in fighting for satisfying individual solutions for shoulder pain relief. Let not that shoulder pain deter you anymore, make this the first day of your painless future. Our bus service will get you mobile and back to your whole health. We’re here to serve you! Contact us now!