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Is chronic neck pain your daily concern that prevents performing ordinary tasks? Contact the clinic to get advice from Dr. Calvert, an apt and competent surgeon at Clifton, New Jersey. Dr Calver is a professional who will carefully assess for neck pain and provide treatments that are specifically aimed at your needs. From his long years of practice, he became an expert in the domain of crafting diagnosis and the ways of solving this matter. The novel approach he uses has helped many individuals whose lives were transformed from a vicious circle of pain into a new way of living, healthy and pain-free.

Envision getting up each day without feeling like your neck is causing you discomfort. Try to imagine yourself involved in game playing or your favorite activities without any limitations or any pain taking. Dr. Calvert’s personalized treatment plan combined with your determination and approach will push this thought into your reality.

Give no chance to neck pain to reign over your achievement. Let (973) 798-1787 be your first call today–to get that pain-free life you are seeking–to set an appointment with Dr. Calvert. It is your right to live free from the pain in your neck and start going about your life activities. You do not have to be a victim.

Before we jump into the diversified approaches of neck pain treatment, it is critical to articulate ourselves with all the complexities of the pain. The etiology of neck pain can be associated with many types of problems including improper posture, muscle strain, arthritis, and even trauma through whiplash. It could be localized to a specific area or spread to the surrounding parts including the shoulders, arms, and even the hands which become captive thereby reducing movement and the general quality of life.

Furthermore, it is equally important to note that short-term cervical pain is not the same as chronic cervical pain from the treatment point of view and hence the duration and severity of these conditions are crucial in selecting a treatment modality. By knowing the complexities and looking at them, we can adapt the most proper ways to eliminate neck pain and retort the problems.

End your suffering with the top Neck Pain Treatment in Clifton. Dial (973) 798-1787 for expert care!

Destructive and long cranial neck pain syndrome tends to become the cause for more than a month and is mostly found in injuries of the cervical intervertebral discs. This process conducts into the longer duration of the discomfort. Therefore, degeneration is a usual cause of this. In addition, decay causes illness and the longer will a person has inadequate feeling due to this. On the other hand, these rare issues such as trauma, cancer, or infection will be the ones that act as the catalysts requiring accurate and efficient diagnosis as the urgency demands the diagnostic process to be performed by specialized medical professionals.

The occurrence of degenerative processes together with the potential of serious triggers of chronic neck pain cements this phenomenon as a multifaceted one. Hence, prompt and extensive medical assistance should be provided as soon as this unusual case is encountered.

Cervical spondylosis, which is one’s main cause of neck pain, occurs as a result of the excessive stress that is endured by the neck’s highly mobile span. Localization of the exact cause of neck pain is a complicated problem, as it can belong to the following elements: intervertebral discs, facet joints, bone, ligaments, muscle, fascia, nerve roots, spinal cord, or psychological factors.

Cervical spondylosis is the age-related dysfunction of the spinal column which produces a symptom common with the skinned nerve called nerve compression. Cervical disc disease is characterized by arm pain, numbness, and tingling as it degenerates and presses on the nerves. The result is muscle weakness and impairment of reflexes. This one after complaints about daily activities. Headaches may help to reveal the condition’s effect on the complex nerve system.

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Nevertheless, the concerted effort using both conservative and surgical orthopedics together is essential to slow or even stop the cyclic journey toward disease progress. Being aware of the nature of this interaction helps people to choose treatment that is beneficial for their wellness journey.

End your suffering with the top Neck Pain Treatment in Clifton. Dial (973) 798-1787 for expert care!

The Initial Steps to Seeking Treatment

If prolonged neck pain becomes your worst enemy, the specialist you should address with is a healthcare provider. Just in Clifton, NJ, we are offering you a helping hand on each step on the way to your dreamlike car. Our dedicated team will be with you during this journey. Here are some initial steps you can take:

Set a Consultation Date – Our Clifton specialist will conduct a personalized diagnosis through an assessment of the pain in your neck, scheduling an appointment with you.

Read Your Social History – Please bring all your relevant medical records with you. This way our doctors can tell a story of possible conditions and ways to cure or treat you.

Go Through Physical Examination – We will have to conduct a thorough examination, possibly involving a lot of tests, to diagnose the causes of your neck pain.

Other Investigations Test – In certain instances, we may ask you to get an X-ray, MRI, or CT scan to check the structures in your neck tighter.

For neck pain which is common among non-surgical treatment options, the injection method is one of the most applied alternatives. At this stage, the procedure is comprised of delivering drugs in a localized fashion into the affected body part in order to provide pinpointed alleviation. There are a few types of injections that may be used:

Corticosteroid Injections: These injections contain a very powerful anti-inflammatory medicine that can provide relief for some neck pain for some time since it is caused by inflammation.

Nerve Block Injections: The most useful type of injection is used to block the nerve that stimulates the transmission of pain signals, temporarily creating numbness and providing relief.

Botox Injections: Turned out that’s the very same Botox given to women for reducing wrinkles. However, it can be instrumental in relieving muscle cramps in the neck tissues when it is injected directly into the muscle.

Epidural Steroid Injections (ESIs): We apply ESIs to target and relieve inflammation through intraluminal administration of steroidal drugs in the area of the neck leading to a reduced volume for the neck and symptomatic relief.

Facet Joint Injections: These applications are directly delivered into the facet joints in between vertebrae as the target pain relief mechanism and to stop inflammations.

Trigger Point Injections: As for muscle pain, we administer the medication straight into the trigger point – a spot of muscle in the knot of temporarily cramped muscles.

Injections can provide significant relief for several weeks or several months. They are often used as a part of a comprehensive treatment.

End your suffering with the top Neck Pain Treatment in Clifton. Dial (973) 798-1787 for expert care!

Surgical Considerations

Even though our first focus mainly lies on non-invasive treatments, when there seems to be no hope, then the only alternative could be surgical operations. Your physician will be involved in a deep dialogue about the available surgery. It will be recommended if the non-surgical alternatives fail to provide your condition with the expected outcome. You can only trust that in Clifton you are near being able to access highly rated centers of healthcare and advanced surgical centers. All the mentioned centers are fully furnished to provide you with adequate attention and required care.

In conclusion, navigating along for neck pain treatment in Clifton is a good course of action for those who have been dealing with this very common pain. This therapy not only relieves suffering but rekindles the much-needed joy and good experience inside affected patients. Fast response to the early symptoms is of most importance if it is necessary to avoid the typical aggravation. For the best care and evidence-based treatment solutions, you don’t have to worry because 973-798-1787 is open to serve you. Let’s not put a brake on your activities of life, instead, take action today and set the rails to your healthy painless future.