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Are you getting sharp needles of pain along with the stress in the muscles on the side of your feet? These symptoms point to some serious ankle ailments. Not because you deserve to live happily and freely undertake your daily tasks without any worries. At the same time, surgery should not be the only remedy for pain. Resorting to pain alone cannot be the solution as well. Whether your injury is a sprain of the ankle, ankle instability, osteoarthritis of the ankle joint, or plantar fasciitis, the Institute of Orthopedics, Spine, & Sports in Clifton, NJ offers individualized and non-surgical rehabilitation programs.

Think through living without agonies, only happiness prevailed. In our institute surgery treatments supported with modern equipment, individual client plans and goals guidelines are matters of high importance. Do not let an ankle injury prevent you from mastering well-being. Instead, take the initiative and tackle the problem to get hold of confidence and self-reliance to resume your daily schedule.

Coping with discomfort in the ankle every day can be a big burden, but don’t be afraid; we’re already here for you. Commence your recovery journey with our specialized services through us now at 973-798-1787. Those words set off a spark that ignited the start of a new adventure to a better life. Do not allow sedentary ankle pain from motion to cause you to slow down; keep on the road, you are obstinate, to the best of life. Feel free to contact us right now and we will help you get back your energy, happiness, and self-confidence that does not include any surgery or ankle replacement.

Living with ankle pain can be an obstacle it can become for your everyday life because it can come from arthritic conditions, confusion, rotator cuff or tendon issues. Though surgery could be your very choice, at our office in Clifton, surgery is not our first choice, and we are here to offer you the perfect non-surgical treatment to manage your pain.

Being a patient with ankle pain and swelling mostly requires you to rely on NSAIDs like ibuprofen or naproxen for pain-relieving treatment. By lowering the inflammation, these drugs get a chance to minimize pain and improve the activity of the affected joint. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can be found in the aisles of pharmacies and usually are go-to pain relievers for minor ankle challenges. Nonetheless, you should always follow your healthcare provider’s recommendations while using them as the side effects such as stomach upset, or kidney problems may be always there.

We treat everyone as an individual at our practice and we involve each patient in the different plans for medication, treatments being focused on their personal condition and medical history. This guarantees you of using a suitable method that will mainly help relieve your ankle pain. Our well-experienced healthcare specialists in addition to you will be discussing the best approach to NSAID usage making sure we hit the sweet spot in terms of minimizing the risks and maximizing the benefits.

Corticosteroid injections will provide relief to people who suffer from chronic ankle problems as these injections will be targeted at the swollen joints by decreasing the inflammation of the affected joint. Our experienced health care providers perform these injections loaded with potent anti-inflammatory drugs and they prepare and inject the drugs directly around the area of pain through the process of articular injection. Despite a preventable injury, they would still be able to seek specialized treatment and potentially prevent future recurrence.

It must be kept in mind that corticosteroidization is short-term and should be used cautiously as that may lead to potential side effects such as tissue damage or joint infection. A multidisciplinary consultation process is going to be planned involving scrutiny of your medical condition and medical history for assessing corticosteroid therapy as a suitable kind of treatment for you.

PRP therapy for ankle injections differs from the use of talents because it acts through the natural cycle of the repair process in the body. In PRP treatment, you are going to get several injections into the joint affected, based on a sample of your blood which has been processed to obtain the platelets only. Platelets are carriers that contain growth factors and other proteins that are essential for tissue repair and regeneration, and which accelerate the body’s self-regenerative process.

In our rehab center, we integrate PRP therapy as part of the overall treatment system to speed up ankle pain relieving and other symptoms when somebody hurts their ankle. As tissue recovery is promoted and regeneration is completed, the PRP injections can bring about long-lasting pain relief of the ankle and normal functioning of the joint. Our knowledgeable healthcare technicians will tailor individual you and provide the correct medical attention: condition-specific therapy will be performed and the decision on whether PRP therapy is the right one for you will be made.

Discover non-surgical solutions for ankle issues! Avoid ankle replacement with expert care in Clifton. Call (973)-798-1787 for guidance today.

Viscosupplementation is a treatment option that uses injection of a lubricating fluid to reduce pain and improve the function of the ankle joint which commonly is seen to be deteriorating with age and disease development, such as osteoarthritis. The method of operation with hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring substance and is present in the joint fluid, directly filled into the ankle joint. As a result, hyaluronic acid prevents friction and acts as a ‘shock resistant’ absorber, improving joint function and decreasing pain and swelling.

The injection of Visco supplementation is one of our unique procedures or holistic rehabilitation programs for knee pain treatment that will help our clients achieve better comfort and the ability to freely move. Visco supplementation plays the role of easing joint lubrication, bringing down bones on top of each other leading to enormous relief for those with ankle pain. It should be noted that Visco supplementation may be on a series of several injections to be taken from weak to weak to attain good results.

Physical applications using ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and application of heat and cold are considered supplements to other therapies used to treat ankle pain. High-frequency waves of ultrasound energy generated by ultrasound therapy penetrate deep into the tissues causing increasing microcirculation and speeding up the healing process. Electrical stimulation consists of electric current application to certain areas below the skin through which the pain can be relieved, muscle power can be augmented, and the function becomes better.

The means of heat using ice packs and packed ice are the common ways of the treatment of “ankle pain and inflammation.” Heat therapies like warm compresses and heating pads help to loosen muscles and enhance blood flow to the affected region, among others, that instigate recovery and discard stiffness. Cold therapy, which can be packs of ice cubes or cold compresses, is a temporary intervention that desensitizes the area and reduces inflammation and swelling.

Furthermore, there are both medical interventions and the adoption of lifestyle changes and home care practices needed to experience a reversal from ankle pain. Our team is concerned with the education of patients with mechanics, position mistakes, and the particular demonstration of exercises to increase foot muscles, and the flexibility of movement.

These modifications in your lifestyle and home care practices, however, are necessary to support the goals of your therapy plan and potentially avoid further deterioration of your ankle health and function. We strive to give patients the knowledge they will be able to use once they leave our doctor’s office. It will help them to sustain the approach to the administration of ankle pain and dig deep for long-term healing.

Conservative therapeutic methods for ankle conditions have produced an important upgrade in orthopedic medicine, and many patients having pain and low mobility have gotten relief. People can have their ankle catheters replaced using regenerative medicine such as injections and lifestyle modifications that will help avoid the surgery and provide them with reduced pain, improved joint function, and improved walking range.

It is essential to acknowledge that although most times, nonsurgical approaches are entirely effective, surgical solutions are in some other cases, still an option. Yet these non-operative techniques act as recovery tools, and these could be in the form of conservative treatment procedures or when one wants to explore less-intrusive options before surgery. Under the guidance of a caring healthcare provider, patients can regain optimal ankle health and return to their preferred and functional lifestyle again.

Doesn’t matter if you’re handling chronic ankle pain or aiming for optimal ankle health, we have at our disposal a set of approved nonsurgical alternatives that can be used successfully in different cases. For an appointment at our Clifton office, call us at (973)-798-1787 at any time using your preferred means of contact. That is why we are here! To bring you back to a high state of physical performance by eliminating pain in your ankle.