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With our world-class technology and modern methods incorporated into our treatment plans, which are specially tailored to address your needs, we make sure that all of your requirements are met. This is where our pain management team excels. We apply the intricate customization of treatment approach to identify the root cause of your pain and take the most effective course of action.

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The patients will be surprised to know that lower back pain is one of the most frequent reasons people miss work and the second most frequent excuse to visit a doctor. It is caused by many factors, such as pulled muscle, ligament sprains, protruded spinal nerve, and so on. Acute pain is that which lasts a few days to a few weeks, while chronic is when it remains for more than three months. Below, let`s trace the stress’ origins and barriers ahead.

As a primary step, we will focus on common causes and risk factors of the disease, including genetic, physiological, and environmental factors.

One should feel like it is necessary to figure out the source of her lower back pains to start a treatment that will work properly. Some common causes include:

• Muscle strain: Undue repetitive movements, wrong body movements, or inappropriate postures during exercise can result in the tightening or loosening of the muscles which then create strain.

• Bulging or ruptured disks: The disks work as buffer materials between the vertebrae (individual bones) in your spinal column.

• Arthritis: The condition may go to the lower back as well crumbling the cartilage. Arthritis sometimes influences the arthritis of the vertebrae and the cartilage and consequently, the space around the spinal cord shrinks down. This is called stenosis.

• Skeletal irregularities: The crippling effect of back pain can be attributed to several different causes ranging from getting an abnormal curve on the spine like in scoliosis to an unbalanced muscle structure.

• Age: The elderly are fond of saying that backache occurs with aging.

• Lack of exercise: In case you are not busy using those back and abdominal muscles, they tend to become weak, which can lead to your having backaches.

• Obesity: This extra weight on the back adds more pressure which can lead to back injuries.

• Diseases: Some types of arthritis and cancer play a role in back pain.

Sciatica: Radiating pain along the sciatic nerve, starting from the lower back and through the hips, buttocks down each leg same as leg too.

• Facet joint pain: As facet joints serve as articulating joints between and behind the vertebral bodies, the articulating joints are small prominences responsible for stabilizing these adjacent vertebrae. Different cases can be handled differently, because they may cause both localized and very widespread pain if they get irritated.

• Muscle spasm: Examples of musculoskeletal pain are straining a muscle or the body part that remains in spasm even after the wound is healed.

Learning the nature of your lower back such as disc, spinal ligament, or muscle may help you treat it.

Suggested ways to treat lower back pain can frequently involve time-tested options. From NSAIDs to exercise routines, including schedules for the back and core muscles, this may be offered.

Over-the-counter pain medications: One of the most commonly used medications is Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), including ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) or naproxen (Aleve) to reduce inflammation and pain.

• Acetaminophen: If you suffer from osteoarthritis, this medication will be taken as prescribed, and it may help you in this condition.

• Muscle relaxants: When painkillers bought from a pharmacy do not take effect in mild to moderate back pain, an option your GP can offer you is a muscle relaxer prescribed by them.

• Cold: Supplementing ice therapy can aid in excessive pains caused and also affect the swelling.

• Heat: As for pain medications, I suggest taking heat to soothe the muscles tightening with the pain.

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• Good Posture: Among various factors regarding good posture, a combination of proper sitting, standing, and sleeping posture is the most crucial, and the role of good posture cannot be overemphasized as it provides the proper alignment of the spinal cord, relieves the stress from the muscles and ligaments, and helps the body avoid long-term musculoskeletal problems.

• Regular Exercise: Encouraging the use of dynamic movements involving the core muscles and why they are beneficial for back health.

• Quit Smoking: Smokers who quit this habit will dramatically reduce the risk of backache. Adding to that, smokers are more prone to frequent coughing, which can be seen as a risk factor for back pain too.

Medical advances have indeed, opened new avenues through which modern and innovative techniques are rolled out to deal with long-standing back pain issues.

Regenerative medicine is a field that uses the function of the body’s defense system to restore obtained tissue and reinstall normal functioning. Under its umbrella, there are multiple modalities including periosteal-rich plasma (PRP) injections as well as stem cell therapies, which can offer attractive options instead of surgical measures for back pain alleviation. Such design approaches use the inherent potential of the human body to induce tissue regeneration and achieve lasting relief for people who want the best solutions for their discomfort. This will, in the end, improve the well-being of every person.

Surgery, when non-open is an option, is known as minimally invasive surgery for some medical conditions. Such procedures are aimed at addressing pain by the application of spinal epidural steroids as well as radiofrequency ablation. Through pinpointing certain segments, these treatments strive to mitigate the painful side effects and greatly reduce the invasiveness and rehabilitation time that is faced through conventional surgical procedures.

Virtual reality (VR) is a recently developed and compared to other modalities, very effective tool in pain management. By developing computer-aided milieus which closely resemble relaxing ways, VR therapy plays a substantial role in reducing patients’ perception of pain and helps solve back pain conditions that jeopardize or undermine basic functions.

This pioneering approach allows the patient to achieve a powerful option for pain management which is non-invasive, drug-less and may still be his choice and the major reliever. Besides having the capability of teleporting patients to the virtual serene places and of distraction from pain, virtual reality therapy can bring about a significant change in the world of chronic pain management to the point where people who suffer from that condition can be treated to an improved level of life quality.

While mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral therapy constitute a humongous arsenal for treating chronic pain, mindfulness is by far the superior one. These modalities enable the person to understand the importance of the mind-body relationship while handling psychological components of pain in such a situation that they may participate in therapies that are not only physical. Hence, different forms of treatment including the traditional ones may help to lessen the severity of the lower back pain.

Together with attending professional treatments and being a patient lower back pain can be managed by the use of other mundane methods and daily habits.

• Sitting: Keeping the lower back supported, by placing a rolled towel or a small pillow when you are seated for a long time could help you to stabilize it naturally.

• Lifting: By making use of your knees to pick up heavy things you can use your back muscles but less to avoid discomfort.

• Standing: In this kind of situation, and stuff like that, such as this, change the weight of your body by moving from one leg to the other or placing one foot on a small footstool, you may be able to ease lower back pain.

• Deep Breathing: Encountering deep relaxed breathing can be a panel to relax the body and eliminate the muscle tension.

• Visualization: Another way of tapping the powers of visualization is by adopting a peaceful scenario. This usually helps to relieve the general stress which in turn lowers the pain level.

• Weight Management: Ensure that you exercise and maintain an ideal weight for your entire body, which reduces back strain and promotes general health.

• Proper Nutrition: Consuming a balanced diet with includes considerable numbers of calcium and vitamin D is a vital nutritional requirement for bone health.

• Adequate Sleep: Being sure you purchase a supportive mattress and pillow to fit your sleep position is of great significance and will help you to decrease or eliminate your back pain during sleep.

The final point is that it is super vital to find successful treatments for lower back pain in Edison for people who are suffering from this agonizing matter. Being equipped with a team of experienced professionals, our main goal is to provide personalized treatment and build on individual needs by developing a treatment plan. It is important to understand that if you or any of your friends are suffering from back pain, don’t let it go, please stop by calling (973)-798-1787 to schedule an appointment and transform your life from being full of pain to a life full of happiness.