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Do you suffer constant, annoying, and stripping feelings due to severe foot pain that lessens your ability to live fully? Look no further! Here at the Institute of Orthopedics, Spine, & Sports, we realize that heel pain may cause discomfort, and our goal is to aid you in recovering.

Our specially trained multifaceted team of professionals with degrees in kinesiology applies the use of the latest developments in high-tech medicine to treat heel pain. We are fanatics concerning the facilities to give you a chance to experience a new life again where with our help, you feel relieved and you have regained control of your daily activities.

With your personalized treatment plan, we are devoted to getting you healthy and away from any of the discomfort that is caused by heel damage. Say goodbye to the traditional shoes that never fit you well, and hello to the joy of dancing and walking without having to worry about painful foot pressure.

You have been waiting for long enough – now is the time to start a lifelong healthy journey by calling us at (973)-798-1787 to schedule an appointment with our experienced team. Allow us to fill the role of your reliable guide to your comfortable world of painlessness. From here you can launch your journey to great mobility and good health!

Pain in the heels can manifest from a host of other different ailments and hence calls for individualistic prescriptions for efficient relief. A frequent etiology is plantar fasciitis when micro-tears are developed in the plantar fascia associated with overuse or mechanical problems. Another widespread (noun) one is Achilles tendinitis, which is a condition developing from the tendon’s inflammation, from doing repetitive activities or not stretching enough. Although plantar fasciitis is not the main culprit of heel spurs, the pain may worsen when the person is diagnosed with the disease. Stress fractures, generally related to cumulative repetitive motion or abrupt changes in an individual’s level of activity can manifest as local heel pain and swelling.

The foot structure abnormalities, like flat feet, or high arches, can also remarkably cause heel pain through changing foot mechanics and pushing more stress on the heel and structures of surrounding parts. Equally important, we should not wear incorrect shoes or get involved in high-impact routines without proper warm-up. This can worsen the pain in the heel area. Knowing the exact reason for your heel pain is essential to devise a plan of treatment, that will suit you in particular, guarantee long-term comfort to you, and prevent pain from recurring.

Seeking effective heel pain relief in Edison, NJ? Find expert care today. Call (973)-798-1787 to schedule your appointment.

At our practice, we have employed a holistic approach to your heel pain letting the discomfort go along while already devising the treatment of its root cause. So we not only decrease the symptoms you have now but also make sure you avoid any future injuries caused by your heel pain

The path toward coping with heel pain begins with a comprehensive assessment by a qualified doctor. In this first appointment, we will collect data about the medical history, the kind of patients’ lifestyles, and the symptoms they’ve faced. We will conduct a thorough physical evaluation to assess the biomechanics of your feet, muscle imbalances, and structural abnormalities that might cause pain in the heel.

Effective pain control is an essential component of the treatment that serves as a perfect cushion for your painful feet right through the entire treatment. The registered doctors with the help of manual therapy, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and therapeutic taping use a broad range of techniques to successfully reduce inflammation, eliminate the pain, and promote healing.

Foot pain is usually due to the muscles being weak and no stretch in the tension. This overloads the foot as well as the structures surrounding the foot. The comprehensive foot/ ankle strengthening program provided by our qualified doctors will fit you with exercises to build the muscles that support your lower limbs, improve flexibility, and restore range of motion through specially designed routines. So, not only do these exercises treat the present symptoms but also prevent heel pain from chronic occurrences again. Their actions result in holistic relief and the long-term outcome is at hand.

Because foot mechanics may deteriorate and make the pain worse and also of great importance is that the risk of injury will be increased. Our clinic does all the biomechanics evaluations it can just to verify your gait, foot posture, and movement patterns, and we do this for you as a client. As per the result, we will dispense corrective interventions like mock insoles, suitable shoes, as well as rehabilitative exercises, to help you amend your biomechanics and ease strain placed on your heels. Supporting your feet and taking pressure off them is one of our main objectives. We create foot functions to erase pain and achieve your good condition.

Compliance with proper modifications of the lifestyle and wearing the right footwear are the two major factors, which will avoid the bulging back of the heel. We will advise you on a tailored plan to reduce the workload on your heels by responding to issues in a personalized way, appointing proper footwear, and adjusting ergonomics. We will also prepare you for self-care at home by teaching first aid ice treatment, appropriate resting, and stretching to manage the symptoms and prevent flare-ups.

Through the course of your therapy sessions, we will gradually increase and tailor the complexity of exercises and the pace at which they are performed. Such a modality is designed to work for your muscles and support functionality return. Alongside advanced exercises, we will include balance drills and sport-specific topics to add to your overall power, balance, and ability. We aim to provide you with highly qualified mentors who will walk you through the process of strengthening your confidence and, as a result, you will be able to perform your favorite activities without fear any time you want.

You may be confident that we will be helping you at all times as well as regularly provide the computer follow-up to ensure your continuous progress and future success. Our therapists will schedule follow-up appointments, track your response to treatment, and change your reconditioning plan as additional therapies are needed and proof outcomes of the care as well as prevention of setbacks.

Along with intervention techniques that may lead to moderate pain reduction where other conservative treatments have not been sufficient, our clinic always has a solution customized for heel pain. These procedures such as ESWT (extracorporeal shockwave therapy), ultrasound-assisted injections, PRP (regenerative medicine options like platelet-rich plasma), or minimally invasive operations can be utilized. Our well-trained therapists will evaluate your special circumstances to provide you with the most suitable treatment that ensures prompt healing and functionality restitution.

Symptom alleviation in heel pain management is not the last step; it is the beginning of showing a consistent care schedule and implementing anticipatory measures. Our clinic drives home the concept of how regular exercising, proper shoe selection, and biomechanical sensor intake can significantly improve one’s overall health. We’ll sit in with you to formulate personal than other plans that minimize the risk of occurrence of heel pain episodes in the future and be comfortable walking for several years.

Heel pain should not make you forget the pleasure you derive from life. Wear good shoes and take good care of your feet. Are you the one who is annoyed by heel pain? Starting to feel like you will have difficulties with your daily activity since you are not able to walk the way you used to? Then we, the staff at our clinic, are here to help you out with intense physical rehabilitation tailored for each case. 

Whether you are a weekend warrior, a professional athlete, or just someone trying to relieve daily stress or pain, our team of physically experienced experts is ready to help you out any time you need our attention. Let us mend your pain issues by getting in touch with us now, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., through (973)-798-1787. The start of the journey to alleviate heel pain is here in its beginning.