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We take the time to listen to our patients, understand their concerns, and provide them with the support and guidance they need to make informed decisions about their health.

kathie prietokathie prieto
16:19 16 Jan 24
Thank you Dr. Calvert for helping me. You’re the best! Dr. Calvert is the kindest and most professional doctor. I’ve had the pleasure of working with after 20+ years of “failed back surgery” and pain following a spinal fusion. I’m forever grateful as is my family. Thanks again. Highly recommend!!
Rockin' DRockin' D
19:18 19 Oct 23
I suffered from a sciatica for many months and decided to look for help. I was glad to get help from Dr Calvert who took great care of me. He took time to explain to me what was the root of my painful problem. I received 2 steroid shots that eased my pain à great deal. He also advised me to get Physical Therapy sessions of which he recommend a very good place that’s 5 minutes away from my home. Now I get a steady recovery. Dr Calvert kept in touch through my recovery and always made sure that I was ok. Thank you Dr CalvertDidier N
Midori MunguiaMidori Munguia
22:48 06 Oct 23
Great doctor. Extremely compassionate and thorough. I didn't feel rushed at all. I appreciate that with every doctor visit. Dr.Calvert explained everything so well and I felt very comfortable with him.
Maya PatelMaya Patel
20:17 06 Oct 23
Highly recommend. I injured my knee during a half marathon a few years back and have had nagging pain ever since. It's something I had gotten used to, but it was keeping me from hiking and getting a good routine going at the gym. I had an amazing experience with Dr. Calvert. He is very knowledgable, thorough and provided a solid plan which has finally gotten me back to everything I want to do without pain!
Wyatt HarteWyatt Harte
13:09 03 Oct 23
Dr. Calvert is one of the best around! Helped me out big time with my lower back issues due to working in the food industry. Great personality and bed side manner. Recommend going to see him!
Nicole FerroNicole Ferro
13:55 02 Oct 23
Dr. Calvert is extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I feel comfortable and confident walking into his office because I know I will leave reassured and in the best care! I trust him, which is what I always look for in a good doc.
Abraham CaraballoAbraham Caraballo
13:46 02 Oct 23
I never leave any type of reviews about anything but going to Dr. Calvert has been such a great experience I have to say something. The attention and time Dr. Calvert has taken to help me is extremely valuable. I have been having shoulder pain for the last 5 years. Any doctor I visited due to this pain before never took the time or put together a plan to help with it. Dr. Calvert has not only worked out a plan but was able to send me to the right doctors and colleagues to help find the root and cause of my pain. I would recommend Dr.Calvert to everyone. If you want to get results and answers go see Dr. Calvert.

Conditions We Treat

Personalized Care & Results You Can Feel

Back Pain

At the Institute of Orthopedics, Spine, & Sports in Clifton, a team of experts offers personalized treatments for those suffering from chronic or acute back pain, aiming to improve their daily lives and well-being. Understanding both the physical and mental toll of back pain, the institute provides advanced therapies to address its root causes, including sudden onset from injuries or sustained over-stress injuries from repetitive actions. Through customized treatment plans, the team helps patients return to pain-free activities and a more active lifestyle. Anyone struggling with back pain is encouraged to reach out for a consultation to start their journey toward lasting relief.

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Lower Back Pain

If you’re battling lower back pain, our team offers tailored solutions to bring you lasting relief. By understanding the unique causes of your pain, we craft personalized treatment plans combining medication, physical therapy, and advanced techniques. Our holistic approach not only eases your discomfort but also focuses on preventing future issues through posture correction, weight management, and ergonomic advice. Embracing a patient-centered model, we ensure your treatment aligns with your individual needs and lifestyle, aiming to restore your mobility and quality of life.

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Neck Pain

Struggling with chronic neck pain? Dr. Calvert in Clifton, New Jersey, offers personalized treatment plans to tackle the root causes of your discomfort, from poor posture to arthritis or trauma. With extensive experience, he’s adept at diagnosing and addressing neck pain, helping patients return to a life free of limitations and pain. Whether it’s acute or chronic pain, Dr. Calvert’s approach can transform your daily experience, ensuring you can enjoy activities without discomfort.

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Shoulder Pain

Are you one of those who always have to struggling with that mysterious shoulder pain the extends far to the different school of that pain to your daily performance of general healthiness? If it is the case, we have got the most suitable answer that you have ever wished to but also worked hard for. In Clifton, we are glad to represent the latest breakthrough innovated by the best shoulder pain treatment where our professionals of advanced standard ensure that you get the best of care.

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Knee Pain

Does persistent pain in your knee during strenuous physical activities affect your daily movements and thus lower your happiness and quality of life? You’re not alone. Thousands of human beings have become victims of this problem. Their lives are not the way they used to be. This is true, especially if the impact this ailment has on your daily activities.

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Migraine Headache

Struggling with debilitating migraines? At our Migraine and Headache Center in Clifton, NJ, we specialize in personalized treatments to tackle both the pain and its root causes, helping prevent future attacks. Our expert team is ready to transform your life from one overshadowed by chronic headaches to one of freedom and enjoyment. Embrace a future where migraines no longer dictate your schedule.

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Foot & Ankle Pain

Are you suffering from persistent foot or ankle pain that hinders your mobility and prevents you from enjoying your day-to-day activities? Look no further than Clifton Foot and Ankle Care, where we specialize in treating a wide range of foot and ankle conditions. Our team of highly skilled podiatrists has extensive experience dealing with various issues, including sports injuries, arthritis, bunions, heel spurs, and more.

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Hip Pain

Are you tired of enduring chronic hip pain that limits your mobility and diminishes your quality of life? Look no further! Our state-of-the-art center in Clifton, NJ specializes in providing tailored hip pain treatment that is second to none. Our dedicated team of highly experienced medical professionals is committed to helping you regain mobility and enjoy a life free from pain.

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Elbow Pain

Are you grappling with persistent elbow pain that’s impacting your daily routine? If so, it’s high time to regain control and discover relief. Our highly effective Elbow Pain Treatment, conveniently located in Clifton, NJ, is specifically crafted to alleviate discomfort and restore your mobility. We understand the debilitating nature of elbow pain, which is why we employ advanced techniques and therapies proven successful for numerous patients.

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Our commitment to personalized care is reflected in everything we do, from our state-of-the-art facilities to our attentive staff. We take the time to listen to our patients, understand their concerns, and provide them with the support and guidance they need to make informed decisions about their health.

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